Magnavox - No customer support available

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If you own an older version Magnavox tv, there is absolutely no product support available.Not just in the Unites States, but the entire world.

This is only for older version magnavox tv's. I bought mine in 2005 and it is an LCD flat screen. I called magnavox and got 2 different support numbers. When calling those numbers, the automated voice says there is no support available through these numbers.

I spoke to several magnavox customer service representatives from the original phone number I wrote down from the online site and they all said there is nothing they can do.

Wow, how do they make a product and then stop giving customer support on those products after a couple years.Absolutely Amazing.

Beware of Magnavox Blu ray Players

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I bought a Magnavox Blu ray Player on Ebay.The product works perfectly but I can only stream VUDU on it.

Nowhere on the box does it say that you can only use VUDU and not Netflix. I have a subscription to Netflix and had I known that I could only use VUDU i would have never bought it. I called Magnavox and asked them to exchange it for a product that plays Netflix and they refused. It is a scam between 2 companies to make you use a crappy product.

VUDU is a rip off and the only way they get customers is by forcing people to use their product because you have no options.Magnavox will not stand behind their product.

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Magnavox doesn't care that they sell garbage

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Three years ago I purchased a Magnavox LCD TV for $1300.The other day the power circuit board blew out.

The TV is no longer under warranty, but what really upset me was that Magnavox won't even work on the TV. This was an expensive TV and it is only three years old.

I have never been subjected to worse customer service. I would recommend that my fellow consumers not purchase any electronic products from the Magnavox/Phillips family.

They sell junk and they don't stand behind their products.Don't make the same $1300 mistake that I made.

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about the tv circuit board.did it get struck by lightning!

was there a power surge? Seems weird, that it ran ok for 3 years, and then nothing.

and why aren't there anymore complaints on this site but yours.:sigh


I too bought a nice Magnavox for in Jan of 08 for Super Bowl, as the Giants were playing the undefeated Patriots.It was a legendary game I'll never forget, but the TV's screen died with a "pop," a red screen, and then a black screen with no audio about 2 months ago.

I took to Twitter instantaneously with no contact from Magnavox. To date I haven't found the time to do the usual round of sitting on hold to try to contact their CS. Unfortunately, I can't locate the receipt (it was only about $600 on sale at the time), and the manual is pretty clear you're not going to get any support for this product.

So, Sloanaj, I'm with you--people need to be forewarned and therefore forearmed and take their consumer dollars elsewhere.Phillips is now as dead to me as their crappy TV!!!

Magnavox - Philips sucks

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i have a big 51 inch magnavox HD tv , the picture is off bad ,, 1 a flag on a pole- would be 3 poles and 3 flags ..the picture want converge.

yes its a expensive tv so i did in vest the 500.00 on a part to fix it . and 8 months later same thing ... only this time the tv. repair man said .

im wasting my time, and money , he cant get the parts and it will do it again. for 3 years ive contacted phillips and and im still waiting..

id like to tell the head CEO TO KISS MY ***.

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Skip the Magnavox experience.

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Or better yet, don't buy any appliances at Wal-Mart. Back in late April, I purchased a Magnavox converter box with the government issued coupon for my analog TV. 6 months later, it died on me. Every time I turned it on, it would shut itself off. I tried unplugging the power and plugging it back in again to no avail.

I was getting such a headache from dealing with the service warranty department somewhere in the Rockies, the Funai Corporation. I live on the east coast. The reps there were rude and so argumentative about the whole thing. The run around is ridiculous and inefficient. They were putting through order for UPS to send someone to my house with a pre-paid label to put on the package (assuming I were to pack the appliance in a box) and ship it to their service department, with the intention of shipping a replacement converter box to my house in 4-6 weeks.

I was willing to go back to watching my TV analog style for the time being. I don't care about that but the problem came when they told me that someone from UPS would come to my house in 3-7 business days and I kept telling them repeatedly that I live alone and I have to work and I can't even guarantee that I'll be in the office if the UPS delivery person arrives there instead. They just outright didn't care and kept telling me that it was my responsibility and kept complaining about how I had called them 4 times already.

In light of this this whole random process of having UPS show up at my house when I am not going to be home, I simply asked these people if they could just mail me the pre-paid label instead so I could then package and ship the appliance back to the company on my own time. That's really what they are supposed to do and that is what customer service reps from UPS suggested but would they budge? Nope...they refused.

Being that I had paid a little less than 10 bucks for this thing with the coupon, I decided to junk this converter box and get a new one from Best Buy. The one from Best Buy was more expensive but it works a thousand times better.

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

2 broken tv's in 5 months magnavox says oh well

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magnaxox model # cd130mw8

We bought this tv for our 7 year old daughter and she can't even watch her movies on it.

This TV is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen in my life.We originallly bought this tv in Dec.

2 weeks later the dvd player quit working and would not open, we took it back and got another one, two months later the dvd player quit working same problem, we had a family crisis and could not take it back to walmart right away, so now that it's been four months walmart won't take it back again and magnavox won't fix it without us paying for labor which would be about the cost of the tv.

DO NOT waste your money on this tv, it's the second one in five months, and 129.00 wasted.

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Don't feel bad, you're not alone. I have two broken tv's from Magnavox too...Lost $3,000 on them...Never again...


I too bought a Combo tv from walmart (magnavox) 27 inch it was a little over 400.00 It was purchased around 2-21-08 well the last week of July 2008 the tv started to power itself of.There is no timer set we replaced batteries in remote just to insure that wasnt the issue and it will only stay on about 10 seconds before shutting off.

Walmart wont take it back after 90 days. magnavox promised a "rapid exchange" in 7-10 days...its been two months Im still fighting them. Now they say they have to send a box to me so i can package it, they will pick it up and try to fix it or send a new one I mstill waiting! it does not take 2 months and now they want a labor fee of 65.00.

I spoke to 6-7 diffrent reps and a manager who clearly stated I did not have to pay a dime perit was under manufactured warrenty now they are advising me of this fee.

I made a complaint with the BBB- turned out the BBB of the southland, 315 north la cadena , colton CA 92324-2927 is handling the service center (also located in CA) there are many complaints against this company and the BBB graded them as an F per they fail to respond to complaints, their advertising is mileading and they are not in compliance with the laws or registration.It states the company is known for its fradulant business practices

Magnavox HD Projection TV damaged, and company wont help.

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Magnavox will not replace Tv that is under warranty. I get run arounds, and tech appts. are never met. I have spoken to many managers and supervisors and noone will help. Tv has been damaged for months, tech says its totally inoperable.

They are telling me that I must take tv back to store, when its there responsibility. I want some help with this issue, I urge people not to buy Phillip magnavox products. They are not responsible for there support. They are a horrible company to deal with. I will never buy anything from them again.

The projection tv, does not turn on.

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That\'s right, when you purchase a Magnavox, it\'s yours...They don\'t want to hear a thing...They don\'t stand behind their products because they know they are selling defective merchandise...Never, ever again..

Magnavox - No manual in box

i bought a new vcr dvd combo hooked it up .now i find no manual in box. cant get company to mail me one .i would be willing to pay postage.i could unhook and take back but have thrown box and receipt away already.several days went by before i needed manual. can someone please mail me one for dv200mw8.model # on back iszv420mw8.

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